Admission Policy

This policy is for only the HICS Cybersecurity Certificate Program admission. Admission is issued based on the ability of applicants to meet certain requirements and complete certain processes. Admission is open to applicant from any race, religion, and ethnic group who can benefit from our courses and needs our certificate.

Admission Requirement

  • Students are expected to have attended a school where English was the medium of instruction
  • Students are expected to have evidence of at least Secondary School Education
  • Students must have a working laptop with access to a reliable internet connection
  • Students mut be able to source for funds and/or pay for the course fee (Delivery & Assessment fees)
  • Student must be willing to provide a Government Issued Identity Card
  • Student must be at least 15years old

Admission Procedure

We have documented the procedure for a standard admission process

  • Applicant will first indicate interest in any course under the HICS Cybersecurity Certificate Program
  • Admission Team will review student’s interest form if the applicant has confirmed to have met all admission requirement
  • Once Admission Team confirms status of admission requirement, an email invitation to apply will be sent to the applicant with application code and link.
  • Applicant must submit application within 30days using the application code and link
  • Application is completed after payment has been made.
  • Admission Team will review application including the documents submitted and confirm admission.
  • Once submission is confirmed by admission team, a Course Conditional Offer (CCO) Letter is sent to student via email
  • If submission has discrepancies, Admission Team will contact applicant to resolve the discrepancies 8days before the course begins.
  • Students are expected to pay the course fee at least 8days before the course begins.
  • Upon payment for the course student will be enrolled into the course in our Learning Management System
  • Upon enrollment in the Learning Management System, a Course Admission Confirmation (CAC) Letter will be sent to students via email at least 7days before the course begins.


Applicants who have been offered a Course Admission Confirmation Letter can request for deferment of the program for only one (1) course intake. However, such request must be made at least 5days before the program begins. Once a student defers his/her admission, he/she cannot request for a payment refund and must attend the next course intake.


Application Document

  • Evidence of Secondary School Completion
  • Passport Photograph
  • Government Issued Identification Card
  • Date of Birth Certificate/Declaration of Age
  • Evidence of English Language of Instruction (if applicant is from a country where English is not the official language of communication)

Signed by:    Hanniel H. Jafaru

Position:        Director of Studies

Date:              30th March, 2021

Signature:     Hanniel H. J