HICS Study Process Policy

This policy documents the procedure to attend and participate in a course at HICS Academy.

HICS Academy is an virtual learning academy that leverage on information technology to deliver study activities to students.

HICS Information System

  • HICS Virtual Classroom: Our virtual classroom is an online video conferencing facility that enables students to join their instructors and fellow student for learning. Students can share their video and ask question during the live class session. They can also be grouped to carryout group activities from HIS Virtual Classroom
  • HICS Virtual Study Center: This is our Learning Management System which can be accessed from https://study.hics.institute . It is a software application for the administration, documentation, tracking, reporting, automation and delivery of our HICS Cybersecurity courses and programs. All study activities, including HICS Virtual Classroom are accessed directly from the learning management system. 
  • HICS Application & Student Portal: This is a portal where student manages their course application, payment, enrollment, and the certificate they have earned from.

Study Activities

Students enrolled in any of our courses will be required to engage in learning by participating in the study activities designed for the enrolled course or program.

  • Reading Assignment: Students are assigned section of the recommended textbook to study and understand. This is aimed at preparing them for the topics ahead and/or any assignment that has been issued.
  • Assignment: At the end of every topic, students are given assignment, which will involve a level of research on the subject matter. All assignment given has submission deadline and it counts toward your final assessment grade for theoretical courses.
  • Live Class Session: The HICS Certificate program is designed to hold 5hrs live class session every week. The course instructor will lead the class to deliver teaching in different topics in the course. This class will hold on Friday & Saturday only. Student can join the class from the learning management system.
  • Final Exams: Student enrolled in courses that involve hands-on practical are assessment via a final exams. Final exams holds for a period of 2weeks. 10days for preparation & exam practice and 4days for exam taking.
  • Non-Assessed Discussion Forum: Student will participate in different topic via the course discussion forum. Every topic will have a discussion forum. Student can also open their own discussion forum topic for knowledge sharing. All discussion forum topic are supervised by the course instructor, although, they are not part of the graded activities.
  • Non-Assessed Exercises: Course instructor can issue exercises that are only for practice. These exercises are not graded and will not affect graduation requirement. However, they are highly recommended especially for course that enrolled in Lab courses.


Study Duration

Every course under the HICS Cybersecurity Certificate program must complete learning activities within a period of 8weeks. However, this excludes the period for preparing and taking final exams.

So, since theoretical courses does not have final exams, it will take 8 weeks to complete both learning and assessment, while for Lab courses, it will take 8weeks for learning and 2 week for preparation and taking of final exams which will sum up to 10 weeks.

Course Type

At HICS Academy we have two type of courses and they are Theoretical Courses and Lab Courses.

  • Theoretical Courses: These are courses that does not require any form of hand-on practice or technical ability to be able to attend and succeed in the course. It is a course you can read and understand on your own, however, the instructors experience and extensive knowledge in the course makes it important that you attend your classes. Assessment in a theoretical course are research based assignment.
  • Lab Courses: These are courses that requires hand-on practice and lab sessions. So live class sessions will be divided into Teaching and Lab sessions. Students are highly recommended not to miss lab class session as it entails how to practically put to use knowledge gained during teaching sessions. Lab courses have less teaching sessions and more of lab session. Assessment in Lab courses are Exam based and most Lab courses requires prerequisite knowledge.

            Computer Requirement

            Student enrolled in lab courses are expected to have a computer or laptop with the following configuration

  1. Minimum of core i3
  2. At least 4gig Ram
  3. 350G Hard Disk Drive
  4. Virtualization Technology (VT)
  5. Kali-Linux OS or VirtualBox

Signed by:    Hanniel H. Jafaru

Position:        Director of Studies

Date:              30th March, 2021

Signature:     Hanniel H. J