Payment and Refunds Policy

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Please read this policy carefully. This is the Payment and Refund Policy of Ham Institute of Cyber Security.


Ham Institute of Cyber Security is a brand of Ham Network, hence all payments are received directly by Ham Network Ltd. Ham Network Ltd allows two (2) method of payment for its users and they are Direct Bank Payment/Transfer and Credit/Debit Card Payment.

Installment Payment

We allow installment payment only for our Cyber Security Awareness Training (CSAT) program which is done through Direct Bank Payment/Transfer.

  • First installment is 55% which must be received at least 5 days to the training start date
  • Second installment is 30% which must be received on or before the training begins
  • Final Installment is 15% which must be received before the end of the Training program.

Credit/Debit Card

We use Rave by Flutterwave which is a Third Party Payment Gateway to process online payment made for our training programs and courses directly from our website

Successful Credit/Debit Card payment

For every successful credit/debit card payment, a booking code will be generated and sent to the student, after which a payment receipt will also be sent to the student’s email.

Wrong Debit alert

If a user has been debited wrongly, the user will have to contact his/her own financial institution to resolve the debit alert. However, the user can contact payment office via to verify the status of payment.

Direct Bank Payment/Transfer

A visitor who wants to participate in our CSAT program can use a direct Bank payment/transfer method. However, they will need to contact the payment office via for bank details. If the Bank details (Account Name) does not include “HAM”, payment should not be made to that account and further inquiry should be made.



Users that have successfully made full payment can cancel their confirmed booking in the case of eventuality. User will be charge a cancellation fee of 15% if the request is received after five (5) days to the program, else a full refund will be made.

                Cancellation Procedure

To cancel booking, kindly send an email to with your request using your booking number and cancellation as your subject example subject: Cancellation - 09887


We do not allow Users that have successfully made full payment to reschedule their training for another date, instead a cancellation should be sent by the user for necessary refund and the student should rebooked for another training date


Payment received for only CSAT program participants are refundable if participant did not participate in at least one session. However, a 20% non-attendance fee will be deducted from payment before refund is made.

Refunds are usually processed within 10 working days and refund account name must tally with your booking name.

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